23rd September 2021

Members of Wolvey Village Hall Committee were delighted to present Dorothy Lloyd with a Memorial Bench in memory of David Lloyd.

David had been a Committee Member, Trustee and Treasurer of Wolvey Village Hall for many, many years and dedicated himself to the Hall and the community that it serves and last year sadly died whilst in office.  The Committee felt that it would be fitting to install this bench in his memory as, not only will it serve as a memorial to David, it will also provide a peaceful place to rest, enjoy the garden and the company of friends for all those who use the Hall and garden. 

Dorothy was very pleased to attend the presentation and spoke with pride about how committed David had been to conserving the Hall and ensuring that it remained financially healthy for the future.  She also expressed her and her family’s gratitude that David’s long service had been recognised in this way.

17th September 2021

Wolvey Village Hall hosted this year's Macmillan Coffee Morning, raising over £1100.

12th September 2021

Wolvey Village Hall is delighted to be the venue for an afternoon charity concert by Hinckley Music Makers in aid of Kasin Charity. The event is open to all, so please come along and support the event.

March 2021

At the January virtual meeting of the Wolvey Village Hall Management Committee, it was decided that it would be preferable if Wolvey Village Hall were to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). After a period of consultation, and all the necessary enquiries with the Charity Commission, that decision was ratified by the Trustees at a socially distanced outdoor meeting on 31st March, and the Resolution to do so was signed by all, and witnessed by Councillor Adrian Warwick. At the same meeting the Transfer Deed was signed, and the process of transferring the assets of the unincorporated charity to the new CIO could begin. The new Charity Number is 1193439.

February 2021

Annual General Meeting

The AGM of Wolvey Village Hall Foundation is to be held virtually on the 18th February 2021 at 19:30. Please would anyone that would like to attend click on the button below to register their interest. From that we will email an invitation to the on-line meeting.

January 2021

Public Notice

The management committee of Wolvey Village Hall Foundation would like the charity to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). 

The driving reason behind this is that the title to the hall held at The Land Registry is currently in the name of the trustees and needs to be changed: This is at a cost of approximately £600, and under the current unincorporated structure this cost is incurred each time there is a change of trustees.

A Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) is a corporate form of business designed for (and only available to) charitable organisations in the United Kingdom. CIO status is conferred by the Charity Commission on application by a charity, whether new or existing.

The main benefits of the form are that the charity has legal personality (the ability to enter contracts, sue and be sued, and to hold property in its own name - rather than in the name of its trustees), and its members have limited liability (their liability in the event the charity becomes insolvent is limited or nil).

Becoming a CIO means that we will need to transfer the title only once, we will have a more modern structure, and we will also have the opportunity to review the constitution or management document, the current one having been written in 1963.  Our core purpose, however, will remain the same:

“The provision and maintenance of a village hall for the use of the inhabitants of Wolvey and the neighbourhood in accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy and in particular for use for meetings, lectures and classes, and for other forms of recreation and leisure-time occupation”.

2020 has been a very busy year with both trustee changes and coping with the Coronavirus pandemic. We are therefore seeking new trustees and volunteers to help with the management of the hall going forward. If you are able to help or wish to comment you can do so, preferably by e-mail please, to admin@wolveyvillagehall.co.uk, or by phone to 07967 311505.

December 2020

Coronavirus Update

Wolvey Village Hall remains closed due to current Covid restrictions, but it is possible to book future events to be approved once we reopen.

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